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Sikkim General Information

 A mountain state in the Indian Himalayas and a former Himalayan Kingdom situated between Nepal in the West, Bhutan in the East and Tibet/China in the North. Sikkim with its rich bio-diversity has 180 lakes ranging in an altitude from 200 meters to almost in the lap of    Mt. Khanchendzonga 8,585meters-  the third  highest mountain in the world. Sikkim is spread in 7096 Sq. km. area has 600 Species birds, 4,500 species flowering plants, 424 species of Herbal plants, 240 species of Ferns and 16 species of Conifers besides 36 species of Rhododendron, 600 species of Butterflies, 600species of Orchids, making it a botanists’ paradise.Sikkim promises vistas of Mountains, Lakes, Monasteries, numerous species of Flora and Fauna and most of all hospitable & friendly people of Sikkim.

Sikkim is one of the most promising states of India today with happy people and their unique culture. It gives its visitors a genuine welcome and treats them as friends. With its spectacular scenery and enviable climate it is no wonder that tourist die to visit it. Its abundance of rivers and lakes accompanied by its moist air gives it a lush. Its strangely tropical look gives the habitat of varied and exotic flowers. Most rare and unique orchid flower offers majestic beauty accompanied by the others flowers. Sikkim is a multilingual, multi religious and multicultural state.



PLACE                   :  Sikkim

CAPITAL                :  Gangtok 

DISTRICTS            :  four

POPULATION       :  5,40,493

CURRENCY           :  Indian Rupee

STATE ANIMAL    :  Red Panda (Ailurus fulgens)

STATEBIRD           :  Blood Pheasant (Ithaginis cruentus)

STATEFLOWER    :  Noble Orchid( Dendrobium nobile)

STATE TREE          :  Rhododendron( Rhododendron niveum)

BEST SEASON     :  Mid February - late May / October - December

MINERALS            :  Copper, Zinc, Lead, Pyrites, Limestone, and coal.

AGRICULTURE     :  Maize and Rice. Millet, Buckwheat, Barley, Pulses,are subsidiary crops.

CASH CROP         :  Cardamom, ginger, Apples, Oranges, Pine-apples

PEOPLE                :  three ethnic group, Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalese.

HEADQUARTERS :  North - Mangan, South - Namchi, East - Gangtok , West - Gyalshing.

RELIGION               :  Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and other religion are also practised.

LANGUAGE SPOKEN: Nepali, English, Hindi, Bhutia (Sikkimese), Bhutia (Tibetan), Lepcha, Limbu.